Fun for all - ARENA Martin

Shooting simulator

Laser shooting simulator is an interactive computer videoprojection, which is evaluated acoustically, visually and numerically. The player choose s scene, which is projected onto the canvas and is shooting at it from laser gun. The camera evaluates interventions and at the end also the percentage of shooting. Menu of this shooting simulator includes many themes and combinations of them. We offer different hunting motives, sport disciplines as well as kids themes like shooting at balloons and many more. Do you want to compete? Then compete in shooting.

Golf simulator

If you would like to try golf, you don't have to travel and search for a golf course. Golf simulator provides experience in different environments and in any weather. Golf equipment for left-handed is also available on the spot. This simulator is an excellent tool for beginners as well as advanced. It allows training of basic position, golf swing, stroke and the game on the green. We offer an excellent training tool for golfers, but also fun for the whole family. We have a number of game modes, courses and settings. Individual games have their score, which is also suitable for competitions.

Can shooting

Can shooting simulator is a game designed for all ages. Do you like to prove your reflexes? So let's try them at this simulator. Do you think you will be fast enough to shoot away all cans in five seconds?