ARENA - a place for active relaxation


Air-hockey is a fun and dynamic game, which can be played by adults as well as children, everybody will enjoy it. This game will become your favourite and you will look forward to speed, adrenalin and training of your reflexes. All you have to do is try it.

Table football

Would you like to have fun but you don’t know how? Just visit ARENA and try our table football with your friends. Test your speed and accuracy. Score as many goals as you can and become a winner. Are you a big group? We can arrange a tournament for you.

Catch the light

Would you like to test your reflexes and speed? Than you should try our game called Catch the light. Press the illuminated buttons and outsmart your opponent. The game is suitable for all ages.


Speedball game combines the best features of table football and air hockey. The point of this game is super fast ball hitting a pair of special blades. The aim is to get more points than your opponent.


Basketball game is divided into four levels. You get to the highest level by earning a certain score. In the first level basket stands still. At the second level it will move side to side. In the third and fourth level, all of this happens faster and faster and that’s when true fun begins.


Darts is a popular game for all ages. Would you like to have a tournament in Darts? Then just come with your friends and have fun together while playing this game – the biggest fun is, when someone misses the target. To achieve success in darts, you need to train. But also without extensive training, you can enjoy this game.