Operating rules

ARENA operating rules

1. ARENA entertainment center Martin ( ARENA) is designed for relaxation, games and entertainment, which requires thoughtfulness, increase attention and mutual respect of all visitors. To ensure maximum safety, the protection of visitors and elimination of any inconveniences and risks, it is necessary to observe the following operating rules of ARENA Martin.
2. Opening hours of ARENA : Wednesday and Thursday (18:00 - 24:00 hrs.), Friday and Saturday (18:00 to 2:00 hrs.) and Sunday (14:00 to 20:00 hrs.). Informations about opening hours are stated at the entrance and on the website. Entrance fee to ARENA is free, but the individual games are charged. Prices, informations and reservation system for individual games can be found at www.arenamartin.sk. We recommend to book the games in advance.
3. If you are interested in a corporate event, or opening outside the opening hours, please contact us: info@arenamartin.sk or by phone: 043/401 20 12 (after 18:00).
4. When entering ARENA, visitors agree with these operating rules and regulations and at the same time it is binding to them.
5. The operating rules are posted in the area of operation and publicly accessible to all visitors of ARENA. The operating rules can be also find on our website www.arenamartin.sk.
6. ARENA is suitable for all ages, regardless of age, race or nationality. The entrance is possible for individuals but also for groups. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult, which means a person who is older than 18 years. We would like to warn and ask this guide to strictly fullfill its responsibility of oversight and does not rely on the staff of ARENA. The operator is not required to supervise children.
7. ARENA is strictly forbidden for: a) animals b) persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medication, c) persons who show any signs of disease d) aggressive people and those with disruptive behavior, e) persons with poor hygiene, while assess the situation and the facts are the responsibility of the employees of the center.
8. After reaching the full capacity , the entrance for next visitors would be denid because of the safety reasons and in order to maintain optimum comfort to visitors.
9. ARENA Martin is divided into a bar area and the playing area with different games. Visitors of the center are not allowed to enter the areas that are intended for staff.
10. From operational and hygienic reasons is admission to all games only allowed in the predestined shoes (eg. for bowling - bowling shoes). When playing Laser tag it is not allowed to wear shoes on high heels or sneakers, which are not fixated on foot. Footwear is assessed by employees of the ARENA and they can decide whether or not it is appropriate for the game.
11. Consumation of food and drinks which has not beed bought in ARENA is forbidden. Our bar offers you a choice of several kinds of snacks and drinks.
12. ARENA Entertainment Centre is a non-smoking area, two separate smoking lounges were reserved for smokers. Smoking in the non-smoking areas is strictly prohibited. If you do not follow this regulation are forced to ask you to leave the center.
13. For a safety reasons the whole place is secured by a camera system.
14. ARENA staff is labeled by clothing with the logo of the center and is trained in all games. Follow the instructions of the staff and the informations for each game.
15. ARENA operator has got the right to change prices and rules of operation without preceding notice.
16. In case of complaints, comments or suggestions, please contact ARENA staff or write us an e-mail to: info@arenamartin.sk.
17. Operator reserves the right to exclude people with aggressive and disruptive behavior from ARENA without returning money for the games. This also applies to any person who violates the operating rules.
18. ARENA operator assumes no responsibility for any injury to any person staying in the area of operation.
19. The operator of the arena, is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your personal property during your stay in ARENA. Discovered theft, security breaches or serious violations will be reported to the police. Found or forgotten things will be stored behind the bar. Parking place is possible to use at your own risk, even though the part of it, is monitored by CCTV. The operator is not obliged to guard the parking lot and is not even obliged to take care of areas or other devices to prevent the damage to vehicles (eg. A glass shards, nails, etc.).
20. In case of damaging the structures, equipment or other property of ARENA the guest is obliged to pay full compensation.
21. All comments and malfunctions related to the operation, visitors can explain to our stuff.
22. The operator does not guarantee the continuous operation of all the attractions.
23. Each person in ARENA agrees that photos that were taken with her/his approval may be used for marketing, on social networks and in promotional materials of ARENA. If you do not agree with the use of photos, you need to notify the operator of the center.

Thank you for respecting operating rules of ARENA Martin

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